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Europe's top judges look at link law

by on02 March 2011

Google could be forced to remove news links
Europe's top court is to rule whether Google should remove links to articles in newspapers.

The move follows a Spanish demand about invasion of privacy which required Google to take down  100 online articles from its search results. The articles, some of which appeared in official gazettes, were subject to privacy complaints by their subjects.

The US technology giant said it would fight Spain's demand warning that it would have a "profound, chilling effect" on freedom of expression. The case will now be referred to the European court of justice, which will offer guidance on whether Spain's demands comply with European law.

Peter Barron, Google's head of European external relations said that it was good that the Spain courts had asked guidance from Europe's top court on whether Spain's DPA has overridden European law.

He said that it showed that key issues are at stake and that European law rightly holds the publisher of material responsible for its content.
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