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OCZ makes money on SSD drives

by on09 March 2011

Was losing it on memory
A few weeks ago we had a chance to hear some rather shocking news. OCZ, the company that made its name with overclockable high quality memory has decided to get out of the memory business.

We meet with a few high-ranking OCZ execs at Cebit last week and it turns out that leaving the memory business for the past was the right decision. The company’s representatives explained us that they were losing money on memory while they had quite good margins on SSDs. The SSD money was covering the loss that the company made with the memory and at the time of announcement, it was just logical to drop the memory from the portfolio and move to a more profitable and interesting SSD drives.

One of the key reasons to leave the memory behind was the fact that you cannot get as much cutting edge memory chips suitable for overclocking to make a lot of difference. In the past this is what made a name for OCZ and boosted a lot of sales for more affordable memory modules.

The OCZ chaps also told us that they will continue to sell USB drives as there is still a demand for them. So this is why OCZ decided to leave the memory business for other, more lucrative ones.
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