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Aussie PM hacked by Chinese

by on30 March 2011

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Chinese hackers appear to have walloped the Aussie parliament computers and got into one belonging to the PM.

According to the Aussie Daily Telegraph, 10 ministers were targeted and their emails read. The Aussies didn't notice until the CIA and FBI tipped off the Australian authorities about the raid.

It is not clear what the Chinese would have learnt. They got a network used primarily for correspondence by Australian MPs, rather than another network that is used for more sensitive communications. All the emails would have been were dull replies to constituents.

The Chinese are starting to get people miffed. Earlier this year they were suspected of carrying out included an attack on the Canadian government. The Chinese denied involvement and claimed the attack could have simply been routed through the country. Last month, France said cyber attacks targeted at last year's G20 summit also came from China.

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