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Woman conned out of $366,000 on Facebook

by on09 May 2011

Facebook facepalm
A Malaysian woman is about $360,000 out of pocket after she fell for a rather daft Facebook con.

The victim was approached by a bloke claiming he was a Brit who needed her bank account to cash a $1.53 million contract with Petronas, Malaysia’s state oil company.

You can probably guess where it went from there. The woman willingly made several transactions, totaling $366,000 between March 29 and April 19. An investigator said the woman “caved in” when she heard the man’s sob stories.

After she realized she had been conned on an unprecedented scale, the victim contacted authorities who managed to arrest six suspects, including two Bangladeshis, two Malaysians and two Nigerians. No surprise there.

Sadly, authorities only managed to recover $5,000 of her cash and it is unclear how or when the suspects managed to spend the remaining $360,000.

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