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Alcatel Lucent CEO admits bribe scandal under his watch

by on17 May 2011

Quigley had denied it
After denying that he was in charge of the Alcatel-Lucent office which was at the centre of a bribe scandal, Mike Quigley has had to clear his throat and admit that it really was him.

Quigley was a top executive at Alcatel Lucent, when it was caught out bribing people in Costa Rica. His response was that it was nothing to do with him because the Costa Rican office was not under his control. According to AP, Quigley was grilled by Aussie politicians over Alcatel's alleged payment of bribes in Costa Rica, for which the telco giant is being fined $US137 million ($130 million) by US authorities.

Quigley was Alcatel's president for the Americas from 2001 to 2003 and was appointed global chief operating officer in 2005. Apparently some of the bribes were paid during this period. It turns out one of his former colleagues pointed out to him that really he was in charge of the Costa Rica office even if he was not ever away of it.

Quigley told the Australians that he was jolly sorry for the cock up. There has never been any suggestion Quigley was involved in the affair, nor any suggestion of wrong-doing.

However Quigley is probably not happy that it is being talked about. He is currently in charge of NBN which is going for a big Aussie broadband contract.

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