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GlobalFoundries spinner defects to Intel

by on25 May 2011

Carvill was an ATI refugee
GlobalFoundries PR Jon Carvill has defected from the chipmaker to join the spinning mills at Chipzilla. Carvill was the vice president of communications at GlobalFoundries, having been press ganged into AMD in 2006 as part of the ATI acquisition.

He apparently jumped on the opportunity to lead the communications team of AMD's manufacturing unit when it was spun off in 2008. Carvill has gone on record as saying Global Foundries always treated him well and he left because of “personal reasons”. His new job at Chipzilla is spinning for Intel's smartphone and tablet market products. This will see him swinging handbags on behalf of his new masters, against ARM.

Intel has had a lot of problems getting tablet/smartphone products accepted and to prove that it can compete with ARM. On the spinning front it has resorted to making dubious comments about how many tablets with Intel processors will be arriving this year. It has not seemed to have had its nadgers pulled out of the fire by Oak Trail either. Carvill will have his work cut out for him.

GlobalFoundries has not yet announced a replacement for Carvill.
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