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Lone hacker brings down Lulzsec

by on24 June 2011

Jester stole his thorny crown
The website of LulzSec was temporarily bought down after an apparent retribution attack by an ex-military hacker called Jester.

Jester, claimed to have downed the LulzSec website "for the lulz" and named and shamed its leader. The Jester has declared war on senior members of Anonymous and LulzSec. What is interesting is that Jester posted what appears to be an attempt to out the founder and leader of LulzSec, a long-term hacker known as Sabu.

He concluded that the bloke was Xavier Kaotico or Xavier de Leon and posted his email address. Sabu lives in New York is aged 30 and is a python programmer, Linux, network security, exploit development person. So far no one has worked out who the Jester is.
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