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HBO Go coming to more platforms

by on04 August 2011

Will apparently be coming to game consoles
HBO has decided to open up its HBO Go streaming service to other platforms beyond the computer. HBO Subscribers will be able to take advantage of the on-demand streaming service on gaming consoles as well other devices, perhaps Blu-ray players or streaming media devices such as the Roku.

While no specific deals were announced as far as which consoles or what other devices might be able to access the HBO Go streaming service, additional details are expected to be coming soon which will fill in the blanks.  Currently, HBO subscribers do not pay extra for access to the HBO Go service; but it is unclear if that access will continue.

We suspect that a “plus” version is likely for those who are not already subscribing to HBO or who want the additional features. No pricing was announced or a date for this to start rolling out to other devices, but we expect to see some of this happen before the end of the year. Stay tuned for more details.

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