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Google blogs banned in Argentina

by on22 August 2011

Lazy ISPs
Google is finding that some ISPs in Argentina are blocking access to the outfit's blog service. The move comes in response to a court ruling which called for some illegal blogs to be banned.

Some ISPs have decided it is easer just to block the entire site rather than try to shut down individual blogs. The blocked IP address linked to more than one million blogs hosted on Blogger, containing various authors.

Google's Pedro Andrade, Senior Policy Counsel, in Latin America has complained that the technique of blocking IP addresses which has been implemented affects not only access to clearly identified sites for justice, but hundreds of thousands of blogs that have nothing to do with the judicial measure.

Writing in the company bog, Andrade said that there were less restrictive technical procedures that the blockade made, which allow ISPs to comply with court orders fully and affecting only the sites involved. The way the ISPs have blocked the blogs affects constitutional rights such as access to information, freedom of expression and the right to work and perform any lawful industry.

Andrade said that thousands of bloggers and the Internet in general depend on the availability of content to spread their ideas and promote their products or services. It pointed out that IP addresses can be dynamic and change automatically.  So the illegal sites could just go elsewhere.

Andrade added that Google is working with stakeholders to restore access to hundreds of thousands of blogs and other sites in Argentina.

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