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Samsung loses battle but might win war in Europe

by on25 August 2011

Something the Tame Apple Press failed to spot
Yesterday all the news was about how Apple had won an injunction to prevent the sales of smartphones Galaxy S, S II and Ace across the EU. The Tame Apple Press talked about how Android was doomed and we might as well sign up for iTunes accounts right now as Apple would be the only smartphone maker.

However after the news came out Samsung Electronics shares rose sharply and the question should be why. The reason was that the Dutch patent ruling was a hollow victory for Apple and could be the sign that its trademark wars with Samsung are about to come unstuck.

True its smartphones Galaxy S, S II and Ace have been banned in the EU until the mess can be sorted out. But the court ruled that Samsung had broken just one of three patents. Samsung's tablets had not breached any patents and could continue to be sold.

This is a route for Apple which had been doing so well at killing off its rival with court actions. With Jobs gone, many investors are now feeling positive about Samsung as the potential replacement for Apple.

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