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Apple tweaks iPod nano

by on04 October 2011

Drops the price
In addition to the iOS 5 recap, the new iPhone 4S, and a handful of other announcements, Apple has also revealed a new, re-tweaked iPod nano, that will also get a slight price cut.

The tweaked iPod nano will now have a new interface with larger icons, Nike+ run tracking that is now doesn't need any external adapters in case you want to keep track on steps, distance and calories. Since iPod nano is recently being used as a replacement of a watch, Apple has updated the iPod nano to include sixteen new watch faces.

The iPod nano will still be available in seven colors and will now have a lower price so 8GB one will be selling for US $129 and US $149 for 16GB one.


Last modified on 05 October 2011
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