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Man attacks wife over Facebook status

by on11 October 2011


Did not like his update

A A 36-year-old Texan named Benito Apolinar physically attacked his wife after she did not like his latest status update.

The post in question was related to the anniversary of the death of Apolinar’s mother. Allegedly, he told his wife that she should be the first one to like his status and proceeded to pull her hair and punch her in the face. He is said to have been drunk at the time.

While a bit extreme, it just goes to show how Facebook went from social networking to a social nag network, since too many people simply seem to care a bit too much about all those likes. Even more so, many are ready to stir trouble you for the likes you haven’t liked, and don’t even get us started about sympathy hunters, generosity show-offs and attention whores.

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Last modified on 12 October 2011
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