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Gates: I helped Jobs create the Mac

by on02 November 2011


Damn you Bill, damn you to hell

Although the late Apple messiah Steve Jobs’ biography had quite a few harsh things to say about Bill Gates, the latter responded quite well and also took some credit for Apple’s Mac in his latest interview.

Namely, Jobs said gates was unimaginative, odd and weirdly flawed. He also said that Gates would have been “a broader guy” if he had done some drugs or gone to a spiritual hermitage.

In an interview on ABC’s “This Week”, Gates refused to slag off a dead man and said that it’s not surprise that Jobs lashed out at him, given how Apple had serious financial troubles at times. Gates said: "Well, Steve and I worked together, creating the Mac. We [Microsoft] had more people on it, did the key software for it."

Gates pointed out that Jobs felt “beleaguered” at times, as he felt that he was the good guy while Microsoft were the bad guys. We guess he was talking along the lines of how Nickleback makes Coldplay look good.

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Last modified on 02 November 2011
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