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AMD keeps tight lipped on Project Win

by on10 November 2011

Rory Read wants to get into consumer gadgets

AMD is keeping jolly quiet about the new CEO's Rory Read's cunning plan to turn the company around which is being dubbed Project Win.

Read addressed AMD staff using a webcast where he explained his new strategy and tactics. Unfortunately, the webcast was not made public and its contents will remain secret for around three months. Read apparently wants to refocus AMD onto more consumer oriented products. As a part of the new strategy, the low-power Bobcat micro-architecture and products on its base will play a very important role in future of the company.

But it is unclear what the company will attempt to do with its high-end architectures in the future. “Project WIN” appears to be more to do operational efficiencies or as we call them “staff cuts.” Last week AMD fired one in ten of its staff in order to reduce costs. It was a move that many analysts thought was unnecessary. The people looking for new jobs were the marketing and public relations specialists, which will reduce the chip designer’s ability to communicate with the outside world on daily basis.

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