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Aussie government downed by botched upgrade

by on19 December 2011

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Has tried to turn it off and turn it on again

The IT Crowd working for the Australian government is in a bit of hot water after the website,, has been down for a couple of days after a botched maintenance upgrade.

When the site went down everyone expected that it was hackers or someone protesting about something, but Alan Thompson, secretary of the Department of Parliamentary Services, said the specific cause of the failure was still a mystery but there was no external attack on the site.

What it seems is that the Government's IT department decided to do major maintenance upgrade of our whole IT system including security patches. One of the upgrades was a security upgrade of the website to help repel attacks and hacking attacks. It all worked well for internal users but for some reason it saw the rest of the world as a dangerous place and would not let it in.

Apparently it took an elaborate rebooting process to actually fully reconnect it to the external world.

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