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Google reportedly offering incentives for Android TVs

by on09 January 2012

A few bucks here and there

Google is said to be offering subsidies to vendors who choose to embrace Android on their new smart TVs.

Big G has reportedly already struck a deal with several major vendors to throw in a few bucks per TV to sweeten the deal. There are no exact figures but it is not uncommon to see companies support upcoming platforms with similar deals.

The first Android based television sets should start appearing quite soon and some vendors are even supposed to showcase their first designs at CES. However, smart TVs are expected to take off in 2013, as more models become available.

Last week Google and Marvell shed some light on their reference board design for smart TVs and on the hardware side everything seems sound at this point. Let’s just hope Google does a better job in offering regular software updates for the new platform.

It’s relatively easy and inexpensive to get a new phone with the latest Android version, but most users won’t be keen to replace their new smart TVs in years. Hopefully the decision to go with a standardized reference platform will go a long way to addressing this issue.

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