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Lenovo thinks there is life in the game PC yest

by on09 January 2012

Never mind mobile

Chinese PC maker Lenovo is insisting that while the world+dog focuses on mobility, thin and light notebooks, and all-in-ones, the traditional desktop still hasn't entirely lost its relevance.

Lenovo's media brief for its new IdeaCentre K430 gaming desktop admits that it has some work convincing the media that the world wants a PC when it is having Tablets and Ultrabooks dangled in front of it. The K430 starts with a basic price of $599, you can add a pair of AMD or Nvidia graphics cards, more memory and 4TB from a pair of RAID O mode drives or a 128GB solid-state drive (SSD).

Lenovo says that it will offer “Intel Core" processors which will probably be the updated versions of Intel's four- and six-core Core i7 3000 series and accompanying X79 chipset. They are supposed to be in the shops in May and we would always buy a decent spec PC over a keyboardless netbook any day.

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