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Righthaven Nemesis revealed

by on30 January 2012

Swiss outfit took troll's name

When copyright troll Righthaven had to peddle its domain name to raise cash for its legal bills many wondered who would want to buy it.

It turned out that the domain name was swiftly snapped up by Swiss company which is the polar opposite of the outfit which wanted to sue bloggers into a coma. Ort Cloud, an ISP based in Zürich bought the site so that will now become a site for Publishers worried about the kind of abusive legal threats spewed out by the domain's previous owner.

Hosting will be in Switzerland and Iceland the new Righthaven promises "infrajuridsictional infrastructure" — in other words, uptime that would require international co-operation to bring down. A recent report published by the Swiss government ruled against controls on file-sharing, and went as far as to desribe other countries' copyright enforcement regimes as repressive.

It will not act as a pirate site and will not host any torrents.

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