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NAND flash SSDs see prices fall

by on22 March 2012

Less than a dollar a GB by April

Prices for NAND SSDs have started to fall and the industry thinks that OEM contract rates are expected to cost less than a dollar per GB by beginning of April.

Thanks to HDD prices still more than double the rates prior to Thailand floods, the gap between mainstream SSD drives and traditional hard drives has narrowed. SSD is about five times as expensive as HDD but sales are now so high because more enthusiasts are buying SSD drives that the prices are expected to fall further.

Most customers see that despite using the latest processors, and loading their PC with 8 GB RAM and thinks are not fast enough for them to notice, until they get an SSD drives. Businesses are buying SSD drives for servers because of the lack of enterprise SATA and SAS drives, customers have also started opting for SSD drives for servers.

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