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Cooler Master launches CM Storm QuickFire Pro keyboard

by on01 June 2012


Cherry MX switches, Multimedia keys, cable routing and LED backlight

Cooler Master and its gaming oriented department CM Storm have launched yet another gaming keyboard that will boast Cherry MX mechanical switches - the CM Storm QuickFire Pro.

As noted, the new CM Storm QuickFire Pro will feature Cherry MX mechanical switches, and, depending on the SKU, will use either black, blue, brown or red ones, all of which offer different type of feedback. The new CM Storm gaming keyboard uses USB 2.0 interface with removable USB cable with cable routing options, features 6/full N Key N-Key rollover, has 1000Hz/1ms response time, features multimedia shortcuts, win-key game disable feature. It has a partial red LED backlight that includes, WASD and QERTYXC cluster as well as F1-F4, arrow keys, ESC and Spacebar.

The new CM Storm QuickFire Pro actually looks pretty decent, but as always, the actual design is something that you either like or do not like. Judging by our experience with CM Storm Trigger keyboard, you can expect a good and solid construction married with some of the best mechanical switches.

According to the information provided by Cooler Master Balkans, the CM Storm QuickFire Pro should hit Europe on June 10th with a price set at around €80, depending on the region.

cmstorm quickfirepro 1

cmstorm quickfirepro 2

cmstorm quickfirepro 3

cmstorm quickfirepro 4

Last modified on 01 June 2012
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