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Internet Explorer coming to Xbox in the fall

by on05 June 2012

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Must have Xbox Live Gold to use it, however

As we told you, we suspected that Microsoft would actually announce Internet Explorer for the Xbox 360, and they did. While it will be free, you will have to have an Xbox Live Gold membership to use it, which really is no surprise.

Of course, in order to really take advantage of it when it arrives at some point his fall in addition to your Xbox Live Gold membership, you are going to have to have a Kinect and an Xbox-capable smart glass device to really take advantage of it.

While the on-stage demo during the Microsoft press conference was impressive, it left us with a lot more questions than answers. The biggest question is how Microsoft plans to deal with the massive amounts of spyware, viruses and other infections that cause browsers so many problems.

While whispers suggested that Microsoft would be using some sort of virtual browser session technology to protect the Xbox, we have to hope that Microsoft has a plan to deal with the large number of attacks that we anticipate will be directed toward it.

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