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Firefox 13 available

by on05 June 2012

But not via update

Google did quite a good job with the Chrome browser, but nevertheless Firefox is still very good browser indeed. Internet Explorer, in its 9th and 10th iteration is also making some nice leaps forward.

Firefox 13 is the newest version of the only truly free browser and this time around it brings some refreshing changes including the redesigned home screen. The home page offers quick access to Google search in the middle and download, bookmarks, history, add-ons, sync settings and most importantly restore previous settings, all placed at the bottom.

Firefox 13 works reasonably fast, but it is still significantly slower than Chrome if you use the address bar as Google search instead of the dedicated Google search box. The Firefox 13 renders webpages just fine and it is available at the FTP side here for multiple operating systems, but it won’t update at press time from your Firefox 12 about screen. Once you download the installation, it will install over your previous Firefox version and it will keep all the settings and other relevant stuff.

If you like the alternative, you can give it a try, as Firefox got much faster in the last few iterations (months). You can get it here.

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