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Corning launches Willow Glass

by on06 June 2012

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Thin, bendable display glass technology

Following up on the success of its Gorilla Glass, Corning launched Willow Glass, an even thinner and more flexible display glass technology than those currently on the market.

Willow Glass can be made to be only 0.05mm thick, which is a significant step up from the current displays. A quick look at the specs of Gorilla Glass reveal that the thinnest version is 0.5mm thick.

The key is in the manufacturing process, as the company used a so called roll-to-roll process at 500°C. This produces a thin, bendable and scratch resistant sheets of Willow glass that are only 100 microns thick. In fact, Willow Glass can be rolled up into a 2 inch radius without sustaining damage.   

Flexible Roll

Such a thin and flexible, yet tough, material can be used for just about anything, from smartphones, tablets, netbooks and even solar cells. The flexibility also allows for freedom of design, enabling for some serious curves. Willow Glass,

The company claims that the price of Willow Glass isn’t too high due to efficiency of the process. If the success of Gorilla Glass, which has been featured in numerous smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks and even TVs, is anything to go by, we’ll be probably be seeing Willow Glass on many new devices pretty soon.

You can get a clearer idea of the manufacturing process on the video below.

Flexible Bend

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