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Megaupload raid warrant turns out invalid

by on28 June 2012

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Judge says

A New Zealand judge has ruled that the raid of Kim Dotcom's house was done with an invalid search warrant.

During the raid that took place in January, the police seized millions of dollars, including luxury cars, art and computers. However, the judge says that the warrant for the search fell "well short" of explaining what Dotcom exactly did wrong.

High Court Judge Justice Helen Winkelmann said that "the warrants did not adequately describe" the crimes in question. She claims that these are general warrants and are invalid as such.

Kim Schmitz, more commonly known as Kim Dotcom, has apparently made $175 million with Megaupload since 2005. He is currently out on bail. Don't ask how he paid for it.

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Last modified on 28 June 2012
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