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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean preview goes live

by on28 June 2012

If you can make it work

Google announced it would roll out the first Jelly Bean update for Nexus series phones in mid-July, but a manual download already seems to be out.

However, the preview download can only run on Galaxy Nexus devices running IMM330D firmware and even then it doesn’t seem to be very stable, so proceed on your own risk. There is no doubt the community will manage to polish the release sooner or later, but if you don’t want to get your hands dirty you are probably better off waiting for the officials update.

An SDK port for the HTC One X has already popped online, but it is also unstable and it is probably not worth the trouble at this point. HTC told Fudzilla that it cannot reveal its Jelly Bean update schedule just yet, but we have no doubt that pretty much every ICS phone on the market will get it.

Jelly Bean could also make many vendors think twice about their update schedules. Very few vendors offered timely ICS updates even for relatively new devices, so Google’s decision to support the ancient Nexus S with Jelly Bean will probably raise quite a few eyebrows.

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