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Apple fanboys in a panic

by on29 June 2012

Rush to find out about virus

Apple fanboys are rushing to the internet to check out Anti-virus software after it was revealed that the Mac OS was not invulnerable to viruses after all.

For years it had been an fruity article of faith that only Microsoft machines were hit by viruses and there software was invulnerable because it had been designed by Steve Jobs. Despite warnings that this faith based security was never going to last, they spent their time hassling windows users claiming that their security was better.

Now according to there is a 310 per cent percent increase in internet searches for Apple anti-virus software after Apple’s backfired attempt to quietly drop its marketing claims that its hardware is immune to viruses. The site said that it is expecting a further increase in anti-virus software searches for Apple products, as more consumers discover that their Macs are not as safe as they thought.

Of the sites that are being looked at, Kaspersky has 38 per cent of clicks and Norton has 34 per cent. McAfee come in third place. Marketing Director George Charles said that Apple has lost a vital marketing claim about their product. But they are no doubt reaping the benefits in terms of the increased amount of sales they must be doing of anti-virus software for Macs via their online and offline stores.”

Last modified on 29 June 2012
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