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GPS drives woman into sand trap

by on02 July 2012

y questionmark

Oh that 2D driving

You know, sometimes one can't help but ponder on all things tech and think how they tend to really highlight the lack of intelligence in some people, GPS devices perhaps being the prime example. In yet another example of people blindly following the instructions recited by cheapo gadgets, a Massachusetts woman had an interesting detour, courtesy of that evil little box.

The police report states that the woman's GPS told her to turn left, which she did, but ended up in a cornfield. Then she kept driving, apparently to get out of the cornfield. High tech stuff. It seems she got out in the end, although probably not where she'd have hoped. Namely, the car ended up on a golf course, in a sand trap.

Some would say we're looking at Darwin's natural selection applied in another field, and they wouldn't be far off. And suddenly, not having flying cars yet makes perfect sense.

Last modified on 02 July 2012
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