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Microsoft and NYPD launch police software kit

by on09 August 2012


Run before beta testing starts

Yes you read it right, the company that invented the blue screen of something-went-wrongs is behind the new law enforcement software kit dubbed the Domain Awareness System.

Developed by Microsoft and New York’s finest, the software is described as a “powerful counterterrorism and policing tool”. It relies on data streams from CCTV cameras, license plate readers, environmental sensors and the police database.

In practice, this means that cops will have instant access to live video feeds, suspects’ crime records, 911 calls linked to them and such. DAS can also map criminal history to reveal time or location based crime patterns, very CSI-ish if we may add.

When alarmed by radiation sensors in the field, the system will quickly reveal whether the radiation is nature, medicine or crime-related. Additionally, DAS will let the police peek into the past at any of the 3,000 locations strapped with cameras.  Note that the cameras are currently mostly in lower Manhattan, but the NYPD has already commenced expanding the network.

The software uses an intelligent and intuitive graphical interface, which is probably a must. We just can’t stop thinking about the fact it’s Microsoft we're talking about here. I mean, wasn’t the question “What do they do when it hangs?” the first thing that crossed your mind?

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