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Apple stole the eye in Retina Display

by on15 October 2012


More eye cons

A Swiss photographer is suing Apple claiming that Jobs' Mob nicked one of her photos without her permission in its marketing campaign for the MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

Apple, which sues everyone who it thinks nicked its ideas, has the rights to the rounded rectangle thanks to a US court and the company apparently told the woman it did not want her snap. Then it copied, published and exploited Plaintiff's 'Eye Closeup' photograph, including it in its MacBook Pro advertising campaign, keynote address, and related advertising materials without permission or compensation."

The photograph was snapped by fashion photographer Sabine Liewald and was taken by Apple from Liewald's New York agent, Factory Downtown. The agreement was that it would be used for layout only and Apple informed Factory Downtown that it did not intend to use the 'Eye Closeup' photograph in the advertising campaign for Apple's MacBook Pro computers." Then it did and hoped no one noticed.

Liewald has requested a jury trial but we guess that even Apple will have to admit that it did not invent this particular photograph.

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