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North Korean satellite falling out of orbit

by on13 December 2012

Proof that nation can drop a missile on inferiors

The evil capitalistic empires of the west were trembling in terror as the glorious Kim Jong-Un’s satellite was placed into orbit. However, what the Western observers failed to realise that the the launch of the satellite was only part one of Dear Leader’s glorious plans.

Western observers noted with horror that after the satellite had been placed in orbit by superior North Korean technology it started to follow a course that they had not predicted. It appeared to them that the satellite was falling out of control, but what was really happening was that the super intelligent satellite was demonstrating the glorious People’s Republic’s ability to destroy any object in space or on the earth. Already the snivelling Western governments are moaning that the North Korean satellite could destroy other satellites. But they have also realised that the satellite was a clever attempt to disguise the test of a three-stage intercontinental ballistic missile.

Now the fact that the satillite is falling has proved that the glorious North Koreans can launch a missile that can easily reach the United States or Russia. At the moment the only problem with the technology is that it relies a little too heavily on Apple Maps which means that it could crash anywhere in the known world. Already it thought that Long Dong was London.

The person who sold a kidney thinking that the latest iPhone 5 would have a better mapping system has apparently been shot as a traitor to the People and the moment that Kim Jong-Un's boffins can sneak home a nice Android mobile to guide the ICBM using Google Maps instead, the West really will be in the poo.

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