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Codemasters trying to collect from THQ

by on25 April 2013

They are not the only ones owed money

THQ apparently has a long list of people that they owe money to. It was the weight of that debt that crashed the company, as we all know by now. It is surprising, however, to find out that none other than Codemasters is owed quite a bit of money for distribution of its titles in North America as part of THQ’s Partners program.

While Codemasters’s stay with THQ’s partners program was pretty short lived, as they later moved to Warner Bros for their distribution in North America, THQ managed to stiff the company to the tune of $1 million dollars, according to the publisher. The company has filed a claim against THQ, but they will be standing in a long line of those trying to collect.

THQ owes money to a number of others, including Double Fine Productions, Konami, Microsoft Leasing, Microsoft, Sony Pictures, and former THQ president Jason Rubin has filed a $10 million dollar claim, as well.

It is anyone’s guess how much THQ will be able to pay all of these folks who have placed claims against the company, but it is now becoming clear that THQ owed a lot of money and was a sinking ship. We wish those trying to collect good luck, but the list of those owed is so long we suspect that many will see very little.

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