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Codemasters shows a fresh F1 2018 gameplay trailer

by on02 August 2018

Ahead of the August 24th launch

Codemasters has released the new, and probably final gameplay trailer for its F1 2018 game, which is scheduled to launch on August 24th.

Developed by Codemasters Birmingham and published by Codemasters, the F1 2018 is the tenth game in the F1 series and will bring the whole new in-depth career mode, 20 classic cards from the history of the sport, and updated visuals, pushing the game to a whole new level.

"The Career mode is the central point of the game and has been greatly expanded with the inclusion of pressurised press interviews that will directly affect your path through the sport. There is also far more flexibility for the player, including the ability to select your own rival and negotiate team moves during the season. The Career mode also expands the player’s research and development options, with each F1® team now having its own unique technology tree with differing strengths and weaknesses. What’s more, F1® 2018’s Career will also feature significant rule changes between seasons during the Career for the first time", said the official announcement back at Codemaster's blog.

codemasters f12018 1

Codemasters was also keen to note that handling has been reworked by using real-world F1 data, giving much better suspension and chassis physics as well as bringing the manually deployed ERS.

When it comes to visuals, the new F1 2018 game will get new elements, like environmental mist, heat haze, track mirage effects, new engine heat haze and more.

Codemaster's F1 2018 game will launch on August 24th on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC platforms.


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