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Microsoft Xbox One gets new Kinect

by on21 May 2013

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Better 1080p camera and much more features

Microsoft's new Xbox One will, of course, get a new Kinect motion-sensing camera as well. According to a presentation that Microsoft held yesterday, we are looking at an impressively upgraded Kinect motion-sensing camera that will have a much larger field of view with 1080p camera and most importantly, will ship with every new Xbox One console.

Specification wise, the new Kinect feature 1080p HD RGB camera with 30 FPS color, Time of Flight (TOF) technology and microphone arrays. The new Kinect will be a quite addition to the new Xbox One as it relies on gesture and voice commands. According to Microsoft, it can process two gigabits of data per second and quite accurately read depth, skeletal and orientation details, muscle and impact and, of course, voice. According to presentation, it can actually monitor your heartbeat in case you decide to excersize in front of it.

In any case, it will certainly be interesting to see how will developers implement it in future games and it appears that we'll have to wait for the E3 show in June for it.

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