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Wackypedia reveals its edit wars

by on19 July 2013

George Bush is still a big topic

Researchers have revealed what subjects are getting vandalised the most in Wackypedia and are subjected to “edit wars." Articles about ex-US President George W Bush and anarchism are the most hotly contested on Wikipedia's English-language edition, research suggests.

It seems that editors were big on debating data at the site. Many religious subjects, such as Jesus and God, were universally debated. Researchers from the University of Oxford and three other institutions analysed logs of the changes made to Wikipedia pages to identify those in the throes of an "edit war". Such a conflict involves editors of pages making changes that are almost instantly undone by another editor.

These are the top 10 touchy topics:


George W Bush
The Prophet Muhammad
World Wrestling Entertainment employees
Global warming
The United States
Race and intelligence

Pages that get updated a lot might just be about a rapidly changing field or topic, they said. It looks like pages about Israel, Adolf Hitler, The Holocaust, God, Jesus, the Prophet Muhammad and Christianity were the most regularly fought over by editors. 

However there are some more local controversies such as the case of the page French politician Segolene Royal which was argued a lot about in the French edition.

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