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AMD and Mixamo show off new cheap Facial Capture tech

by on02 September 2013

All you need is a $20 webcam

Game makers who can’t get decent faces because it costs a fortune to get decent capture cameras have been bailed out by AMD and Mixamo.

Technology called Face Plus will allow anyone with a $20 Webcam and the Unity Engine to create Realistic Facial expressions at no excess cost. Mixamo's Face Plus plug-in for Unity is designed to enable developers to capture their facial expressions through standard webcams and transfer them in real time onto a 3D character using technology powered by AMD A-Series APUs and GPUs.

This real-time capture and animation capability is made possible by offloading Mixamo's algorithms from the CPU onto AMD's industry-leading GPU technology. Word on the street is that the technology could bring in a new generation of Indie Titles. This will be particularly true when it becomes possible to use the technology to build the entire body of characters.

Manju Hegde from AMD said that AMD is impressed with the results Mixamo has achieved in optimising its technology and is excited not only about the capabilities it brings to Unity developers today, but also the potential it could bring to new consumer applications.”

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