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Microsoft holding units for launch day

by on09 September 2013

Wants to make sure units are on the shelf

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer told Game Informer that the want to ensure that Xbox One consoles are on dealer shelves for launch day and to that end they are holding units back and managing inventory to make that happen.

Spencer says they are not having a yeild problem and they want to make sure that those parents that don’t pre-order electronics have a chance to find a console on the shelf. They want to make sure that customers have a great experience.

The launch of the Xbox One will have much more inventory including games and accessories available on launch day than Xbox 360 did. Spencer says that they feel good about the pre-order numbers and their ability to make the availability of the Xbox One through allocation to retailers, rather than just depending on retailer demand.

It remains to be seen if Microsoft can in fact improve on the availability of the Xbox One when compared to what the company did last time around with the Xbox 360. While it was a long time ago, we remember that availability of the Xbox 360 was tight and accessories were difficult to get and there really was not a lot of games around either. Things gradually improved, but Microsoft can ill afford things to be that tight this time around. Let’s hope the actual launch goes smoother than the PR has for the Xbox One.

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