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Non-Fable title next for Lionhead?

by on22 January 2014

Rumors suggest that is the case

Rumors coming out of Lionhead suggest that the studio is working on a new title. That alone isn’t a surprise, but what might grab fans’ attention is that the new title the studio is supposedly working on is said to be a non-Fable title. We have been hearing rumblings that this was a possibility ever since John Needham took the helm at Lionhead.

These rumors seem to be confirmed by a recent trip by Eurogamer to the studio where work on the new non-Fable title is said to be going on in an upper floor of the studio. While the studio is best known for developing Fable titles, the news that they are working on something new might catch many off guard since the studio has not done a non-Fable title since 2005.

The new non-Fable title likely still has a way to go, since the studio is just finished with Fable Anniversary for the Xbox 360 and it is still working on its first Xbox One title, which is Fable Legends, expected to release later this year. Could be that we will learn more about this mystery title at E3 later this year, but in the meantime it is anyone’s guess what the developer might be working on.

Read Eurogamer’s take on what is next for Lionhead here.


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