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Women who share more on Facebook are lonely

by on27 May 2014

That’s your cue guys

A new Australian study has come up with some relatively obvious conclusions when it comes to ladies on social networks. The study was carried out by Charles Sturt University and it found that the more women post on Facebook, the lonelier they are. 

Some findings are quite obvious, while others are not. The study examined the Facebook habits of 616 women and identified some telltale signs of loneliness. If a woman discloses more information publically, especially the relationship status, chances are she is lonelier than most.

Women who share more info on their tastes and interests also tend to be lonelier. They are not sharing info about the books they read and movies they enjoyed to show off – they are more likely to do it in an effort to attract attention.

The study classified 308 out of 616 users as lonely based on their Facebook profiles. Most of them self-disclosed personal information, including their address, relationship status, personal info and closed their Wall and Views. Connected women did not, they tend to keep their wall open for everyone to see.

The survey basically found that one in two women on Facebook are lonely, regardless of relationship status and a range of other factors. Oddly enough, lonelier women broadcast more information about themselves, while at the same time keeping their Wall closed.


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