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US spooks spied on Congress

by on01 August 2014

Finally investigating real terrorists

The CIA has finally come clean and admitted that it spied on the corporate appointed lap dogs in the Senate. The director of the Central Intelligence Agency, John Brennan, issued an extraordinary apology to leaders of the inappropriately named US Senate intelligence committee for spying on them.

For months, the CIA has denied that it did anything like it and the Senators were already being spied on when they got there. Brennan acknowledged that an internal investigation had found agency security personnel transgressed a firewall set up on a CIA network. 

Agency officials conducted keyword searches and email searches on committee staff while they used the network. It looks like Senators might be calling for Brennan to be given the tour of a forest near Berlin and discretely dispatched with a bullet to the back of the head.

One senator on the panel said he had lost confidence in the director, although the White House indicated its support for a man who has been one of Barack Obama’s mates – er most trusted security aides.

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