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US law students sue over web error

by on12 August 2014

Software makers should have seen this coming

Software developers working for ExamSoft might have picked the wrong software project to make swift buck on.

The outfit wrote some code for a bar exam for lawyers. On paper it should have been a doddle – an online exam which marked itself and confirmed the lawyer qualified. However it did not really work that well. Apparently, ExamSoft had compatibility issues between their hardware and servers, and their software was overloaded by the number of students.

Now the people taking the exam were not types to take this sort of thing lying down. In fact they were the sort of people who will make a lot of money chasing other victims of similar sorts of cock-up. They filed lawsuits in California, Illinois and Washington state, and those attorneys are seeking to make the cases into a class-action suit against the software company, ExamSoft. 

The students say they endured pain and suffering due to ExamSoft's error. The lawsuits claim that ExamSoft committed a breach of contract and was negligent in its duties.


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