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Apple fan causes plane to fall 5,000 feet

by on18 August 2014

Fortunately, it was flying a little higher

Further proof that you should never allow an Apple fan to operate moving machinery – a co-pilot in charge of an aircraft plummeted his plane 5000 feet after answering the call of Steve Jobs.

Jet Airways' Boeing 777-300ER which was making its way from Brussels all the way to Mumbai actually dropped 5,000 feet before the situation was corrected. The pilot and captain was taking a “controlled rest” while the co-pilot was supposedly handling the flight controls. As it turned out she heard the call to her iPad was completely obviously to the fact that the plane was falling to its doom. Clearly Steve Jobs is an evil spirit who wants as many people to join him in his walled garden in hell.

Fortunately there are people out there who are not obsessed with owning Apple gadgets and air traffic controllers on the ground noticed that the flight was slowly sliding into what would be the first Apple related air disaster. The pilot woke up and corrected the problem.

When the flight touched down in Mumbai, India, the pilots forgot to inform India's Director General of Civil Aviation or the airline about how a co-pilot put the iPad over the lives of her passengers. It was not until someone texted the authorities anonymously that both pilots had their wings suspended.

What is perhaps a little worrying is that investigators are not buying the co-pilots story that she was playing with her iPad and think she was asleep. Apparently playing with a tablet while the plane drops out of the sky is better than falling asleep.

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