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Germans ban Uber

by on03 September 2014

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Fight on

The car service Uber is finding itself on the back foot after the District Court of Frankfurt jammed the brakes on the service.

The company is forbidden from operating either its Uber or its UberPop ride-sharing service anywhere in Germany, because its use of unregistered drives constituted unfair competition.

he current ban is national because it was in response to a suit filed by Taxi Deutschland, a nationwide network of taxi dispatchers.

A spokeswoman for Taxi Deutschland told Fortune that insurers typically charge registered cab drivers around eight times what they charge private motorists, something that allows Uber to undercut its members substantially.

The court issued a nationwide injunction which might force the service to abandon its activities in Germany.

Without an official permit under the Passenger Transport Act, the company cannot carry passengers through its App "About" and "UberPop." If Uber carries on it could face fine of 250,000 euros or a detention order.

Uber wants to fight the ban and will appeal.


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