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Intel shows off i7 NUC

by on27 January 2015

Broadwell under the bonnet

Chipzilla has updated with details of the upcoming Broadwell based i7 NUC.

There are seven new NUC SKUs in total, their specifications and configurations. Unfortunately the only model with its specs not fully fleshed out is the i7 version which we are the most interested in.

Word on the street claims that the chip will be the Intel Core i7-5557U with Intel's Iris Graphics 6100 GPU. If this is true, it will be a dual-core four-thread chip has a boost frequency of 3.1GHz/ 3.4GHz and a TDP of 28W.

The integrated Intel Iris Graphics 6100 has a base/max frequency of 300MHz/1.1GHz. The i7 NUC is expected to feature active cooling.

While you might think an i7 might be a bit pointless on a NUC the performance of both general purpose processor and graphics are "significantly better than the Haswell" so you would be getting a fairly reasonable nearly invisible PC.  Of course, it can’t handle high-end gaming, but it should have a good enough stab at it.

All new models include wireless which means that these beasties are super-flexible in terms of positioning.

However it will not be cheap. The i7-5557U processor has a tray price of $426, so unless you have a lot of dosh, this is not something you are going use to run a media centre strapped to the back of your telly.

Last modified on 27 January 2015
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