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Samsung doing well stuffing modem and AP together

by on24 March 2015

One chip strategy

Samsung's new-model AP 'Exynos 7420,' which applied 14 nano FinFET is continuing the outfit's one chip plans by putting the modem and AP together.

The cunning plan is that if the one chip business succeeds, Samsung will have a greater control over the system semiconductor business.

Last week Samsung revealed that it had been supplying one-chips for communication in some low-priced smartphones of client companies since last year. However it had not provided them for high-end smartphones. One-chips make better use of the interior space of smartphones and provide design differentiation.

Kwon, Oh-hyun, vice chairman of Samsung Electronics, announced at the recent general meeting of stockholders that "improvement of business results will be made by expanding AP and modem one-chip lineups this year." This is understood as confidence in 'having secured technical skills.' Samsung Electronics is not revealing their 'one-chip strategy' yet.

Qualcomm is strong in the communication one-chip market. Snapdragon 810 has combined the AP and modem into one and Samsung smartphones have depended on Qualcomm's when it wanted a one-chip solution.

Samsung also installed the Exynos 7420 in Galaxy S6. They are also looking for more client companies.

Qualcomm has not been doing so well. The new-snapdragon 810 went through controversy on partial exothermic reactions even before its release. Then China imposed a fine $ 940 million dollars last month. The Korean Fair Trade Commission is also investigating Qualcomm on suspicion of violation of the antitrust law.

Either way it is looking like Samsung could steal a market with its one chip plans over its former partner.

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