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Windows becomes Oculus Rift compatible

by on10 April 2015

Working in virtual reality

Finally Windows can runs in an Oculus Rift style virtual reality which is called Virtual Desktop.

Virtual Desktop fills a gap for the Oculus Rift which doesn't provide a VR view of their operating system by default. Oculus Rift has no ability to use Windows itself or apps that haven't been specifically designed for virtual reality.

Virtual Desktop is a free app that instantly makes the entire Windows operating system VR-capable. And it means anything you can use on your monitor can be used in VR.

This incluses Voice Commands, working with games launched outside of Virtual Desktop or games with launcher dialogs and 360 videos

According to Road to VR the whole experience is pretty cool.

You are greeted with a curved, floating version of your familiar Windows desktop surrounded by stars. Virtual Desktop comes with a few different starry background options, or you can opt for complete darkness if the stars are too much.

It will work in Windows 7 but Windows 8 and 10, are much better at it because in earlier windows versions there is no good API to capture the screen.

All up it is starting to look super cool .


Last modified on 10 April 2015
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