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Dutch government invests in Quantum research

by on02 June 2015

Potentially alive or dead market

The Dutch government is spending €135m to develop a potentially super-fast quantum computer.

Given that such a computer actually has not been invented yet, the cheque is going to a Delft-based quantum technology institute QuTech and will be spread over a 10-year period.

It is not the only one who is vesting Microsoft has been investing in the company since 2010 but the government cash will enable QuTech to double its research team to 200 humans and several potentially alive or dead cats.

Education minister Jet Bussemaker said the investment is important for Dutch science. 'This means important scientists will stay in the Netherlands and talents will be attracted to come here,' she said.

Practical and theoretical research into Quantum computing is taking place around the globe. Last year the government declared QuTech to be one of four 'national icons' or innovations which will contribute to future prosperity and help solve global problems.

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