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Amazon Improved the Fire Tablets

by on17 September 2015

The sizes are increasing, pricing still affordable.

It's time for Amazon to launch the updated family of Fire tablets and boy are they ever. There are now a six-incher, and 7, 8 and a 10.1 inch version. The interface is more logical and content deals are better than ever.

Everybody knows Amazon by now. They stand for squeezing every last cent out of your wallet, as much as you'll allow it, and their methods are rather cunning. Their customer service is almost unparalleled, and they treat their employees like garbage. Nothing new to report.

Another important characteristic of their business model is that they'll sell you Amazon branded hardware at a loss, hoping to have you by the neck when it comes to your consuming content and pretty much any physical good you can imagine other than drugs and weapons. Books, videos, music in the digital store, but hey, you can get your monthly supply of kitchen towels delivered automatically as well.

Some may object to such a business model, but it's no different than Apple's in most respects. And we know how much money that gorilla rakes in every quarter.

But we digress. The newest storefronts from Amazon come in the shape of three new tablets.

Skip the 7 incher. It's got a sub-par screen and design and is only there so you decide to buy the two more expensive versions. Like a 16GB iPhone.

The 8 and the 10.1 inchers are, on the other hand, really good. High resolution, what Amazon claims is great build quality, fast MediaTek SOCs, etc. More importantly, there's the new version of Fire OS. 

It's more similar to regular Android in all the good ways. The silly carousel interface is mostly gone, you can now launch your apps from the good old grid. Amazon Underground with its free, ad supported, games is present and another feature Amazon hopes you'll get addicted to.

Fire OS will download premium content over WiFi when you're not using the tablet. So when you're on a plane, or anywhere with no WiFi or more important stuff to do, you'll be a click away from watching the latest episode of your favourite TV show. Or the blockbuster you were too busy/lazy to go see in the cinema. And pay for it. Get it? ;)

The 8"Fire tablet costs $149.99. The 10 incher, $229.99. Those are some of the best prices for that category of tablets you can find. 

Go ahead, buy them, they're great. But as with an alcohol commercial, we should say: Enjoy in moderation.

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