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Apple hopes the Supremes will believe in them

by on30 October 2015

We are not gangsters really

Fruity Cargo cult Apple is hoping that the US Supreme Court will throw out a case in which its Messiah, Steve Jobs was found guilty of running an illegal cartel with the leading publishers which conspired to push up the price of books.

Despite its co-defendants putting their hands up to the crime, and Steve Jobs even bragging about it in a biography, Apple cannot believe it and has wasted a fortune trying to prove it is innocent.

Now Apple the Supremes to overturn an appellate court decision that found the iPad maker conspired with five publishers to increase e-book prices. If the Supremes agree with the rest of the Justice system then Jobs’ Mob will only have to pay their victims $450 million, which Apple will earn back by selling a couple of Surface clones.

Apple in its petition said the June decision by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York contradicted Supreme Court precedent and would "chill innovation and risktaking."

"The Second Circuit's decision will harm competition and the national economy," Apple wrote.

The Justice Department said the scheme caused some e-book prices to rise to $12.99 or $14.99 from the $9.99 price charged by market leader

It is not clear if the Supremes will even look at the case. Having followed the case Apple based its defence around a premise that Amazon was the market leader and it was OK  to form a cartel if you are bringing down a bigger rival.

Besides the idea was Steve Jobs’ and everyone knows he was a super cool genus who made no mistakes.

Last modified on 30 October 2015
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