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Apple’s design genii make a click of themselves

by on26 February 2016

OS X El Capitan page not for dirty minds

The design genii at Apple scored an own goal with the website’s CSS code to prevent people misreading the tagline for its latest operating system, OS X El Capitan.

The line should say, "There’s more to love with every click", but to the wonders of Apple’s strict corporate logo design the c and the l looked a little blended.

These many fanboys were shocked to read that “there was more to love than dick.” Given that Apple fanboys can’t get their hands on anything else it must have been a little disappointing.

Apple has changed the letter spacing, so there’s no chance of accidentally seeing the word "dick" when glancing at the slogan, although there is no guarantee that an Apple fanboy will not see one when they look in the mirror.

What is a little surprising is that given the amount of money spend on Apple’s corporate image, as opposed to investing in research and development, this howler was not spotted a long time ago and there would have been a few more cock-ups noticed by now.


Last modified on 26 February 2016
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