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Corning creates Vibrant Gorilla Glass

by on21 April 2016

Super tough Gorilla evolves

Corning Glass has announced that its already tough Gorilla Glass has evolved into something a bit more colourful.

Dubbed “Vibrant Gorilla Glass” it is a way for Corning to print permanent images onto the glass panels with “outstanding resolution and sharpness.”

Corning hasn’t stated when the Vibrant Gorilla Glass will actually be available to manufacturers. But it shouldn’t be too far out. Vibrant Gorilla Glass could be important. Basically it means that smartphone makers will be able to customise phones to a greater extent.

It means that we might start getting themed phones which are more than just a single colour, but could have images of your favourite telly show. Corning says that the Vibrant Gorilla Glass can be used on “smartphones, tablets or notebooks.” Which means we might soon see tablets and notebooks with their own images pre-stuck on. 

Don't expect to see this on Apple gear though, Corning is in pretty thick with Samsung which signed a deal to ensure its supply until 2023.

Last modified on 21 April 2016
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